Why Back Surgery Should be a Last Resort for Disc Disorders
September 17, 2014 — 14:38

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Why Back Surgery Should be a Last Resort for Disc Disorders

Physiotherapist explaining the spineWith the exception of a few very serious and specialized cases, back surgery is an elective procedure. Even highly respected medical publications such as the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) tell us on their low back pain patient page that surgery is rarely a necessary treatment for back pain, but may be a consideration when other forms of treatment have failed.

However if you are suffering with chronic back pain or one of your loved ones is going through the agony brought on by nerve pressure from a disc disorder, you will know that sometimes surgical intervention seems like the best solution. Perhaps you have already spent weeks on medication and tried treatments such as epidural injections. Maybe you have tried physical therapy or another alternative form of treatment to no avail. If so, before you make the serious decision to undergo a surgical procedure, it’s important to consider if you are really doing so as a last resort.

There are some very effective alternatives to back surgery for disc disorders and although it may take a combination of more than one form of therapy, many chronic back pain sufferers ultimately find a program which brings them relief from pain and a return to a normal, fulfilled life – Without surgery.

The Success of Conservative Treatments is Real

For some patients, chiropractic care provides the answer to beating a herniated or bulging disc. For others, it may be a combination of physical therapy and massage treatment. Perhaps some of the most successfully trending alternatives to surgery though, are those which combine the latest in state-of-the-art technology with the body’s amazing self-healing power. These treatments can target disc disorders and correct them over the course of a few weeks oftherapy.

One such advanced method of treating degenerative disc disease and bulging or herniated discs is class 4 deep tissue laser therapy. This advanced therapy uses a process called photobiostimulation to reduce tissue inflammation, ease pain and stimulate the body’s ability to heal. More specifically, the photons generated by a deep tissue laser work in the following ways to address spine and disc conditions:

  • The photons energize the cells in damaged tissue
  • Blood circulation is increased in the area of pain
  • Inflammation is reduced as a result of enhanced cell permeability
  • Targeted cells’ regain the ability to absorb oxygen and nutrients while expelling toxins.

Of course like all other forms of non-surgical back treatment, a number of sessions are required. However each treatment takes only a few minutes. Over the course of six to twelve treatments, many patients experience a significant reduction in back pain while for some, the discomfort is totally eliminated.

Deep tissue laser therapy is sometimes administered as an exclusive treatment for disc disorders, but it has been shown to be particularly beneficial when combined with non-surgical spinal decompression, another advanced method of treating the causes of back pain.

Combining Deep Tissue Laser Treatment with Spinal Decompression

While deep tissue laser treatment uses the power of light energy, non-surgical spinal decompression uses a more mechanical, although no less technologically advanced process to correct herniation and other disc and spine conditions. Spinal decompression involves the creation of a force known as distraction to gently separate the vertebrae in your spine and create a negative pressure within the targeted discs.

This vacuum created by the distracting action of the spinal decompression equipment, is known as negative intra-discal pressure and it encourages bulging or herniated disc material to retract into its correct position, where it no longer impinges on delicate nerve roots. Each treatment session may only encourage a microscopic degree of retraction, but over the course of several weeks, the positive effects are often dramatic.

At Orange County Wellness Physicians Medical Center, our team of experts has pioneered and patented a revolutionary treatment program combining spinal decompression with deep tissue laser therapy. The Spine and Disc Restoration SystemTM is at the forefront of non-surgical alternatives for treating conditions such as disc herniation and degenerative disc disease.

SDR SystemTM Successful in 89.9% of Cases

Compared with the success rate of back surgery in giving patients the ability to regain mobility and live free from chronic back pain, our SDR SystemTM represents a far more effective option. Of those patients who qualify for the program, nearly 90% experience long term benefits, including a return to their normal range of activities and a cessation of chronic back pain.

Whether or not you’ve tried other alternatives to back surgery, you have a chance to experience the advantages of the SDR SytemTMfor yourself, instead of trusting to the unpredictable outcome of surgical intervention. Only six out of ten people who come for evaluation are actually eligible for the program, so you need to schedule a consultation to see if the SDR SystemTM is suitable for you. If you do qualify, you may be able to congratulate yourself within a few weeks for trusting in conservative, rather than invasive measures to correct your cause of pain.

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