How to Achieve Non-Surgical Chronic Pain Relief in Orange County
August 11, 2014 — 15:19

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How to Achieve Non-Surgical Chronic Pain Relief in Orange County

The PainIf you are one of the 30% or more of Orange County residents suffering with chronic neck or back pain, there comes a point at which almost anything seems better than continuing with day after day of impaired mobility and reliance on pain killing drugs to get through any 24 hour period.

However before agreeing to undergo surgery, you should definitely first be sure that there is no other way to get successful chronic pain relief in Orange County. While that means you may need to try treatment options which weren’t in your plans, I can’t stress enough that it’s worth going to the trouble to try and find a non-surgical alternative before resorting to surgical intervention. Other options are available and some of them are far safer, as well as being more effective than surgery.

Orange County Pain Relief – Non Surgical Options

If you’ve been in pain for three months or more, you will probably have tried at least some forms of treatment, either to manage your pain or to try and resolve its cause. A few of the treatments which Orange County pain relief specialists might apply or recommend are:

Medication – Usually the first treatment tried by chronic pain sufferers. Medication can comprise anything from over-the-counter painkillers and NSAIDs to painful epidural steroid injections into the spine. These drugs are at best, only a Band-Aid approach to pain relief, since they don’t address the cause of the pain and must be used continuously to keep your pain levels manageable. At worst, they can do you more harm than good, especially over the longer term.

Physical Therapy and Self-Care – This approach can also do little more than help you to manage your chronic pain although incorporating lifestyle changes into a self-care program can help to slow down or even halt the progression of spinal disc disorders. Physical therapy can help improve your flexibility and range of motion, which can in turn reduce muscle stiffness and limit your pain to some extent.

Chiropractic Care and Therapeutic Massage – A number of Orange County non-surgical chronic pain relief specialists advocate chiropractic care and/or massage techniques to manage pain and, in the case of chiropractic care, to address the cause. For some chronic pain sufferers, regular sessions of chiropractic adjustment, along with changes in lifestyle prove successful. For others, the treatment may do little more than provide temporary respite.

Like many others who seek chronic pain relief in Orange County, you may already have tried one or more of these well-known treatments as part of your efforts to regain the quality of life you enjoyed before your symptoms set in. You may even have undergone a program combining some of these treatments to no avail. If so, there are two more forms of treatment which are used by some Orange County pain relief experts. These are deep tissue laser treatment and non-surgical spinal decompression.

Deep Tissue Laser Treatment

A safe and painless treatment, deep tissue laser therapy uses photonic energy to penetrate deeply into your body and target areas of tissue damage which cause chronic pain. Suitable for treating a wide range of spinal and other conditions, the powerful class 4 deep tissue lasers used for this method of therapy act on the sites of pain to provide optimal conditions for your body to heal itself.

The effectiveness of deep tissue laser therapy is indisputable, as evidenced by over 100 positive studies. However if you decide to look for a specialist using laser treatment for chronic pain relief in Orange County, it’s important to check that the clinic uses only 15 watt class 4 lasers. Some physicians use different laser types which are not effective for treating sites of pain deep inside your body, such as in your spinal area.

The use of a class 4 deep tissue laser can be even more effective for treating the pain caused by disc and spine problems when combined with another revolutionary type of therapy. Spinal decompression treatment is provided by some Orange County non-surgical chronic pain relief specialists and when used alongside laser therapy has proven to deliver remarkably successful outcomes.

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression is focused on treating spinal disc conditions such as spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease and bulging or herniated discs. These conditions are often behind the symptoms experienced by patients seeking chronic pain relief in Orange County and elsewhere in California. This treatment uses automated apparatus to subject your spine to a gentle pumping action which generates a vacuum effect within the discs.

The vacuum created by the apparatus acts to reverse disc compression, which is what happens when discs degenerate over time or following an accident or injury. As such spinal decompression is a direct form of treatment acting on the root cause of pain. The decompression forces can reduce the pressure on your nerves caused by damaged discs. If any of your discs are bulging or herniated, decompression can promote retraction. Over the course of a number of treatments, your pain will diminish and your faulty discs can actually heal.

OCWP for Chronic Pain Relief in Orange County

OCWP practices spinal decompression and Class 4 deep tissue laser therapy to successfully treat the causes, not just the symptoms of chronic pain. If you are at your wits end with constant pain, discomfort and the inability to function as you once did, even if you have already had surgery, our physicians can help you. If you haven’t yet undergone surgery, we recommend you download our free report detailing ten things you really must be aware of before you elect to have a surgical intervention for a spinal condition.

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