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  • Spinal decompression treatment in Huntington Beach/Westminster
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  • Orange County Spine and Disc Restoration System
Spine and Disc Restoration System, Non-surgical Neck & Back Pain Relief in Huntington Beach/Westminster
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Spine & Disc
Restoration (SDR) System™
Spinal Decompression Treatment in Orange County
A revolutionary, state of the art, system that's personally customized to relieve your chronic neck and back pain through corrective restoration & nurturing.
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Testimonials & Success Stories
Spinal Decompression Treatment in Orange County
Take a moment to discover what other patients have to say about their success with this non-surgical neck and back pain relief treatment!
Research Studies
Proves 88.9% Effectiveness
A report by Joseph V Pergolizzi Jr, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore; Frank...